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The scientific journal "Humanitarian and Pedagogical Research" ISSN 2658-3186 (Print) has been published since June 2017 with a circulation of 500 copies.

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications - registration number PI No. FS77-79220 dated 2020.09.22.

The founder is the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University", is carrying through and strengthening the best traditions of humanitarian education and science today. The scientific board and the editorial team of the journal work on the basis of the Charter.

The target audience of the journal is a global community of scientists and researchers engaged in doing the exploring  pedagogical, psychological, historical, social, philosophical, philological scientific areas and other humanities in a broad sense, as well as all people concerned in a wide range of modern problems of humanistic science and education.

The journal is multidisciplinary. It is aimed at sharing the knowledge of scientists from different fields of the humanities.

For publication we accept articles written in line with modern scientific research along the above areas. The editorial board while not taking up the author's point of view is inclined to publish articles (for substantive discussion).

 All articles will be verified with anti-plagiarism software, and then pass a double "blind" review.

Sections of Journal

The journal "Humanitarian and Pedagogical Research" presents the following core sections:

* I. Education and Pedagogical Sciences

* II. Social Science

•III. Philological Sciences

* IV. For Discussion

* V. Scientific Life

Sections I to IV publish the articles on results of the research production, as well as the op-ed or survey pieces on a wide range of subjects.

The section "to discussion" selects the works which, in the opinion of the editorial board, indicate problems or contain conclusions that require close attention and discussion by the general scientific community.

In the "Scientific life" section, the journal publishes reviews on published scientific works; responses and feedbacks to the past scientific conferences, symposiums, forums; materials for the anniversary of scientists and scientific schools.

The editorial board believes that making a space for broad academic debate in relevant fields of knowledge contributes to creation of innovative developments, projects and approaches to consideration of existing problems and challenges. The journal receives articles in Russian, English and German languages for publication. In this case, the article must be structured in accordance with the requirements approved by the editorial team.

The authors of articles and materials published by the journal are doctors and candidates of science, university teachers, teachers, postgraduates, undergraduates conducting research on pedagogical, historical, and philological subjects of science from Russia and foreign countries

Published materials are freely available in full

• on the site of elibrary.ru in the RSCI agreement no. 17-01 / 2018 (Add.agreement no. D-154-18 dated 24.01.2018): https://www.elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=66633

• in the scientific electronic library "Cyberleninka" (Additional agreement to the License agreement № 31395-01 "11" January 2019 link: https://cyberleninka.ru/journal/n/gumanitarno-pedagogicheskie-issledovaniya



The frequency of issues is 4 times a year.

Publication Schedule of the journal "Humanitarian and Pedagogical Research»

Publication of Issues Delivery of Issue to The Printing Office Collecting the Materials
№ 1 March 15-20 march 15-20 January
№2 June 15-20 June 15-20 March
№3 September 15-20 September 15-20 June
№4 December 15-20 December 15-20 September

The publication of articles is free of charge. (Archive)

The digital object identifier (DOI) to the article that has already been published in the journal "Humanitarian and Pedagogical Research" can be obtained independently on the platform of the scientific electronic library "Cyberleninka" by opening the page with the article and paying for the DOI in a convenient way for the author.